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Sunday, August 15, 2010

kesilapan membawa padah...............

Dear Nuffnanger,

It has come to our attention that your account has been involved in massive click fraud act.

After a thorough check from our system, we are able to find sufficient evidence that you've been clicking on your own CPC ads on different blogs registered under your own account. This act is against our Terms & Conditions which you have agreed upon signing up with us.

As such, we're forced to remove all CPC earnings from your account and deny you your cash out. All earnings from mCPM campaigns will be restored and added back to your Current Earnings.

We strongly advise for you not to repeat this act or your blogs and account will be blacklisted and banned from our network.

7 ulasan:

g3n said...

alamak der..
kena warning ke?

so balance tu dia bagi ke x?

P/S: hati2 lain kali ye..=) Selamat berpuasa..

by MyToha.com

Cikgu Dahlia said...

abad pun kena ke?

Unknown said...

akak kena?mana lah kita tahu...xpasal2 kena dah....hangus da duit nuff yg nak di cash out...rm200 rugi....da

Aishah Malik said...

seriously?? uh.. rm200? giler ahh..

Nur Hawa Mohd Zin said...

abad, sebab tu awe tak letak sgt nuff ni..tak pandai..sbr je lah ye

fiezah91 said...

aisyooo.. rugi byk ka

gnesop said...

abad klik iklan sendiri?